#VYBMIX vol.006

New Monday, New Month, Another VYBMIX! 

This month features edition six which is a little different than the previous mixes. This month I thought it would be cool to take one artist and give you guys a few songs that I like by the artist. In the mix you will find songs by and featuring Xavier Omar, who is absolutely amazing if you do not know him. His voice is smooth and the way he tells a story through his music has really drawn me to him. An interesting fact about him is that he was previously know as SPZRKT. You may have seen that name once or twice in the past and like you, I could never understand how it was pronounced but either way once you here his voice you'll know it without having to see his name. He has a new project out right now, "The Everlasting Wave" that I highly encourage you all to go get and I can't wait to hear more from this amazing soul!

Until next time

xoxo, JC

Jayla Crosbymusic