Denim Jacket Reworked + Stripe Trousers

I definitely went back to my roots for this post! Remember the days when all of my pictures were taken here? It's funny that back then I hated this spot and had grown tired of it but some of my most popular posts were shit here. Every once in awhile I think back to these times because it reminds me that sometimes it's really about the outfit and not the location. I randomly put together this outfit and had no time to go scout out a location for pictures so here we are! 

I can't believe I finally tried the denim jacket as a shirt "trend" right when the weather decides it wants to actually act like Fall. What I like about seeing these trends pop up is that if I decide to follow them I can style them how I please and what I feel comfortable with. Usually I see others wear their jackets off the shoulder but I decided to give it a try worn the classic way and I love it! Honestly, truly *get it? lol* I feel like this would be the perfect look to wear at a cool event, party, or something of that sort. I also have to mention that I can't get enough of these pants and I know soon enough I definitely won't be able to pull them out. Someone please point me in the direction of comfy wide leg trousers appropriate for winter weather! 

Until next time



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