TrapHouse Jodeci

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Honestly I have very little to say about the artist that I am featuring this time around. I am writing this strictly off of hearing three songs and being very pleased with the vibes that I got within the first 30 seconds.

Ye Ali is who I am featuring this week and funny enough what I thought was my first time listening to him was not. I actually have a song by him stored in my treasure chest of Soundcloud vibes on my phone. What started with me hearing a song from his mixtape Private Suite turned in to me discovering his latest project TrapHouse Jodeci and loving everything that it has to offer. 

There's this thing or style of music where artists will mix their "trap" musical influences with the good old r&b slow jams that has my attention lately and I have been in need of a new artist to vibe out to with this same "style". I don't like to compare artist but it goes without saying that what I've found in him is what I admire about a few others. 

While I know little about him as a person, what I need to know can definitely be found in his work and that is that he is the next best thing! TrapHouse Jodeci is below, sit back, vibe out, & enjoy!

Until next time

xoxo, JC

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