Cozy Sweater + Off White Trousers

I don't know what it is but I have been obsessed with wearing trousers lately. As of late that is really all that I have been wearing and of course posting on the blog. The trousers/slacks that you see here were actually thrifted and literally fit like a glove. Most of the time when I buy wide leg trousers or just slacks in general there is usually always something wrong with them. I was super excited when I tried them on for the first time since buying them and they actually looked amazing. 

I thought to go with blush/nude tones when styling this look and I loved the outcome. When it comes to wearing some shade of white I usually opt for a monochromatic look or one that is more muted. I paired these trousers with a cropped sweater that has made a few rounds on the blog over the years and of course my other obsession, the denim jacket. I have this thing where I might not like something after buying but once I style it up, I'm in love! This has proven to be the case with this jacket. 

Until next time

xoxo, JC

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