Do You Dream Big?

We are in a period of time where everyone is doing their thing and just trying to make it. The industry has become so saturated with the same things that it's hard to scroll through your timeline and find fresh brands that are more than just your typical "instagram boutique". One thing that I can appreciate about the area that I live in is that young entrepreneurs are flourishing and really proving that anything is possible. I recently came across DreamBigDC, a local clothing brand here in DC started by Howard University student Keon Hill. I must say I was immediately impressed when his pieces were shown to me and I had to share it here on the blog. 

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone who has a passion for what they do and want to share it with others. Growing up Keon was always interested in fashion and could one day see himself starting a line of his own. In May 2016 began working on his brand and it's been a hit ever since. Starting off by producing hats to test the waters, the designer soon found out that this would be bigger than he expected. His first order came in which resulted in him selling 100 hats in just two weeks. Did I mention that all of this happened with no website? It's crazy but the power of social media and a great support system is sometimes all we need to do big things!


DreamBigDC is such a fitting name for this brand because that is exactly what Keon did. He wanted to start a clothing line back in high school but due to certain circumstances it wasn't the right time. Revisiting the idea shortly before graduation in May, many around Keon thought he was joking but this was something he really wanted to do. Like most, he wanted to inspire others and rather than put out something that didn't have a positive message. Ironically it was his dads nightly text saying "Goodnight son Dream Big, Pray Bigger" that came in at the right moment that led to DreamBigDC being born. 

One of the things that Iv'e learned and something that Keon mentioned, is that when you have your own brand you don't have to answer to anybody. The brand is still growing and he is taking his time, going at his own pace. DreamBigDc has some big things happening soon such as the brands official website and the SS'17 collection which I am definitely looking forward to. 

Be sure to follow DreamBigDC on Instagram at @dreambigdc to stay up to date with the latest and  you can purchase from the brand by contacting 

Until next time

xoxo, JC

Jayla CrosbyLifestyle