#VYBMIX vol.008

Mondayz Vyb presents VYBMIX....a monthly mix of vibes curated for the Konscious Vyb readers.



Welcome to Mondayz Vyb

Can you believe we're about to be in the year 2017? The yea has seriously flown by and so has my Mondayz Vyb series. I started this series in 2015 and it has been about a year and some months since I began sharing some of my favorite vybz on a weekly basis. As some may know that turned into #VYBMIX which is a monthly playlist curated specifically for my Konscious Vyb readers. This month I am presenting the eighth installment and I can't believe how far this has come. The response from each VYBMIX has been amazing and you guys are loving the full playlist outside of what used to be weekly features. I have decided a while ago to keep this as a permanent piece of Konscious Vyb and I of course will sometimes create Mondayz Vyb post whenever something really catches my attention. With all of that being said I want to thank you for supporting these mixes and I hope you enjoy VYBMIX vol.008!

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xoxo, JC

Jayla Crosbymusic