Hues of Blue

Double denim has been a staple look for me and if it's not the same for you, it should be. The easy, carefree vibes that it gives off is what I honestly yearn for and is the reason why I keep coming back to it. Typically I try to feature one double denim look per season on Konscious Vyb and sadly it's been a while since I've done so. 

I'm so in love with this denim jacket and oddly enough it's my first one since I was a child. Something that I've noticed when ever I attempt at styling this jacket is that I always opt for wearing it as a full on top and not the traditional way. These boyfriend jeans have made many appearances and I thought they would be appropriate for this look. The jackets light distressing with the contrast of the heavy distressing on the jeans immediately made sense when styling this look. It worked in my favor that both pieces were the same wash, this made it easy for me to figure out which shoes to finish the look off with. I have to say that these Steve Madden's where the perfect pairing! Cobalt was the "it" color last season and actually is my favorite shade to pair with denim. If you think about it, it makes for a sort of monochromatic look. Everything is essentially blue just different shades. 

My question to you, how do you rock double denim?

Until next time

xoxo, JC

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