Weekend Attire

Don't worry it's not another look with that denim jacket. I have to say after three looks here featuring a denim jacket it's time to retire it and give it a rest. It's Friday which means my weekend uniform will be in full effect especially because I have been home with Laryngitis all week. How does that even happen? Nonetheless I'm pushing through and am determined to catch up on work this weekend and that means new content next week! 

This outfit is as easy as it gets and truthfully on a regular day you wouldn't catch me in jeans. I have been attached to leggings and joggers lately, I find them more comfortable and I can move freely. I'm excited to finally share an outfit post with a piece from my line, Shop Konscious Vyb. The amazing crewneck that you see me rocking is the first hoodie/crewneck design that I released and the response has been amazing. I'm glad that you all are loving them enough to order. I wanted to share the most simple and basic way to style this sweatshirt whether you get the hoodie version or the crewneck. Adding your favorite jacket and sneaker is really the basis for a dope look. What amps this look is having a printed jacket that has texture. I find these to be more fun when styling and they can sometimes eliminate how much extra effort you need to put into a look. Of course with any sweatshirt jeans is the natural go-to and that's it! A basic weekend uniform that I have on today and will be sporting the rest of the weekend. 

Until next time

xoxo, JC

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