A Touch of Fur.


TIP: Simple fit? Add something that pops! This can be done with a simple pop of color or even a bit of texture as shown here. It doesn't take much but with the right accessories any outfit can be taken from simple to something much more

IMG_5682 copy.jpg

These days a simple and minimal look has really been my thing. I think as I get older it's something about staying behind the scenes in a sense or not drawing too much attention to myself that I am attracted to. In a way I want to be as simple as possible but still let what I'm wearing catch the eye of others, if that makes sense. I have also noticed that as I am moving up in my twenties that I have been drawn towards a lot of black pieces. Is this something that comes with maturity? I sometimes say that this may be a result of my job as a Fashion Stylist. I find even looking at the stylist that I admire dress in a way that is efficient, simple, yet makes a statement. Maybe all of this comes with the job? 

I have recently been working on my photography and editing and I must say that I can see a difference here. The look that I chose to share today is what I would wear during a night out with friends or even to class (minus the booties..maybe). Recently I've been on the hunt for a classic pair of leather booties that could go with everything and were the "perfect" height. I stumbled upon these at H&M in Richmond,VA and knew they were worth the $40 or $50. Like mentioned in my Stylist tip, at times all you need is a simple outfit with a subtle pop to make a difference. Being that this look is essentially pretty basic, wearing these shoes and dope bag adds enough for me to feel like I'm somewhat dressed up. Can you imagine if I were to wear a camel colored waterfall jacket? AMAZING! I honestly can't get over this fur beauty (the bag) and was so glad I jumped on it when I saw it online at the ZARA sale.

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