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3 Productivity Tips for the #GIRLBOSS

3 Productivity Tips for the #GIRLBOSS



Time Management


If your'e a girl boss then you may know just how important managing your time is. We've all seen that quote "you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce" but who are they kidding? It's tough out here! Some of us girl bosses have an everyday 9-5 or some of us work from home, are in school, etc. Regardless your situation - your phone can be your enemy and so can those snack in the kitchen. 

Tip: It's been proven that working in spans of 30 minutes with 5/10 minute breaks in between helps some get more done! I can confidently say that this is true. I implemented this into my day for a week and I got more things done than I had in the past. 

Tip: Get smarter with the little things, such as posting on social. Posting and keeping up with all of our social sites can be distracting. You get on with the intention of spending 5 minutes and it turns into an hour. Using apps like Buffer, automate tweets, insta photos, facebook posts and more so you don't have to manually do them. Check out this post with a few more apps to help in that area.

Make that office space #GOALS


No one likes working in an boring office space! Even if you're at home, you should still like the space that you spend the majority of your time in. Working on your side hustle or full time hustle should be fun and exciting! The perfect space will certainly make you want to get more done.

Tip: Speaking to the bosses working their 9-5 and the girls at home, jazz up your cubicle with a nice fashion inspired desk name plate. Get fun with your supplies by adding gold or silver stapler, sticky note holder, and pen cup. Grab a candle, your favorite mug, and decorate that space! Check out this post for more tips and examples on how to transform your space.

Dress the part


This is a no brainer. Look the part, feel the part!

Tip: Fully get into character here! You are a BOSS so acting like involves how you dress. Pinterest and blogs are your best friend when it comes to gaining inspo for work. How you dress at your job plays a huge role in performance. When I go into work feeling confident with my look I am more likely to perform better because I feel like I can conquer the day.

Tip: Invest in your wardrobe. Whether you are a full time girl boss and works from home or the side hustler, investing in your pieces is a major key. Buy lasting, classic, and timeless pieces that'll carry you throughout the seasons and for more than just a month or so. A lasting wardrobe has a lot to do with how you buy and not what you buy - more coming on that soon ;)


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