Everything's Gucci This Spring

Style Tip: When it comes to embellishment, keep it simple! The embellishment makes a statement on it's own and should be left to speak for itself. Pairing a simple t-shirt or a dope belt as shown above with the embellished jeans/jacket is all you need for a perfect fit. It's even better when you can play on colors!


Let's take a moment of silence for the awesome sauce that is the Gucci Princetown flat/slide! If I could've thrown in the praise hand emoji please believe I would have. I have been eyeing these shoes for a very long time now and the obsession has not went away. I honestly think the only thing holding me back is the price tag and if I personally can justify spending that type of money. By the way I have pretty much talked myself into doing, we'll see in a month or so. The plus side to all of this is that I have found some really dope dupes for this shoe, here and here. Who am I kidding though? It's nothing like the real thing. 

Regardless, Gucci has been my inspiration for my spring mood boards as I am planning a huge shopping trip soon. I want a fresh look and feel to my wardrobe, Gucci is exactly what I'm looking for. I just feel like embellished/embroidered things scream spring time and like mentioned previously do all the talking. It's an eye catcher but in a good way. I'll get back soon with a full "wish list" because of course it is much needed.

* all photos via pinterest.com & gucci.com


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