3 Apps to Help Plan Your Social Media Posts

Photo: #50shadesofblackstock

Photo: #50shadesofblackstock

Keeping up with the tons of social platforms can be overwhelming at times and often coupled with unnecessary stress. Figuring out what to post where, wondering if you've already tweeted that link, and etcetera has my brain on overload. This is especially true for those of you who are bloggers like myself or run some type of business and need to be on social media every hour. While we can't change what we love to do, we can lessen the stress and confusion by being organized and planning out our social media posts. My friend laughs at me when I plan/pre write my tweets for the day. Honestly without certain apps I won't remember to tweet out those links! 


BUFFER: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram 

The awesome thing about Buffer is that it doubles as a scheduler for both Twitter and Instagram. You can schedule tweets for certain days and times and the app will post to Twitter automatically for you. When it comes to Instagram, you can schedule the posts but you have to approve them to go online. Another great feature is that this app can be accessed online for the times you wan to schedule from your computer!


PLANOLY: Planner & Scheduler for Instagram

This app is amazing! It's a visual planner for Instagram that allows you to drag and drop images to plan your profile/feed. This app is free but does have a few paid plans that allow more access and use of other accounts you may have. This app also allows you to plan your insta stories and view likes/comments. I have been implementing this app into my daily planning and it has improved how I use Instagram!


HOOTSUITE: Schedule Posts for Multiple Social Platforms

While Hootsuite is very similar to Buffer, this app also allows social scheduling for your LinkedIn and Facebook account! With the added feature of other great social networks it makes this the ultimate one stop shop for planning. This app is free to use with up to three social accounts. 


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