A Yellow Statement


I have literally been obsessed with this jacket since last year and I have to share it's awesomeness with you guys! I caught this jacket on sale at Zara back in June for $50 and was super excited for the weather to cool down and where it. I waited months, and months, and was finally able to pull it out in November. Since then it has become a classic piece of my wardrobe that I wear whenever the weather permits. I think the thing that caught my attention more than the color was the cut and feel. Of course this is a faux leather jacket but in true Zara quality it feels amazing! It can be hard to find classic stye biker jackets on the affordable side that meet all of my requirements, especially if it is faux. In this post I shot one of the basic/classic ways that I've worn this jacket over the last few months. Basic jeans, graphic tee, and whatever shoe fits your preference is hands down the #1 go-to when it comes to styling statement outerwear. I look forward to expanding my outerwear collection with more dope pieces like this and of course you can look forward to seeing it here on the blog.