The Transition Into Spring


You know as I write this there is no need to wear stocking anymore and I'm pretty excited about it. These photos were taken towards the end of March and obviously we were still stuck between winter and spring. What I appreciate about this transition period is the fact that we can still wear our cool jackets a little bit longer before the heat kicks in. This dress has been in my closet for a year or two now and I must say it has become a favorite of mine. I like it best with heels and a nice overcoat but was up for a challenge with styling it differently this time. One thing that can be a little tough with styling this piece is the fact that it's very thin, oversized, and ultimately has no shape. I know it sounds bad but it's generally a great piece to have. The print and high neck detail is what attracted me to it and it was before it's time as I purchased it before the 70's styling "trend" came around. Here I went with my new vans which I love dearly, a statement jacket, and light leg wear. Overall I liked how this turned out and I'll be playing around with this dress for spring a little more!