Spring Cleaning, The Best & Easiest Way to Clear Out Your Wardrobe


It's officially spring! While the weather is warming up, do yourself a favor and clear out your wardrobe. Whenever we transition into a new season it's always a good idea to throw out the old and bring in the new. This alleviates stress and clutter later on and ensures that you are able to maximize not only your wardrobe but space in the end. 


Separate, Separate, Separate!

Separating your things is the first and most important thing to clearing out your wardrobe. One thing you can do is separate the previous season from the new season, so right now that would be the winter from the spring. If your closet has a combination of every season and your'e running low on space make a pile of everything from last season and set it aside. If you want to take it a step further you could even categorize things by color and item!

Clean & Fix Up!

Once you've separated everything it's time to get these items cleaned, repaired and ready to be put up. If your'e the type to store winter clothes in another room or storage, cleaning them is a great way to ensure freshness while they're away for a few months. This also goes for the items for the new season. If your spring/summer clothes have been stored away, take them out and get them fresh for wearing in the coming weeks.

Get Rid Of!

As the saying goes out with the old, in with the new! When the season changes take this as an opportunity to try on clothes and really determine if you'll keep them. Old sweaters, jeans that aren't your style anymore, and so on, it's tons of things that we sometimes hold on to unnecessarily. Get rid of them! It's actually refreshing when you do so and can save you space. This of course is also another reason to buy a few items that can replace some of the old. Here's a few sites to help with getting rid of some items: Poshmark (Use code UATUI for $5 credit!) Depop