The Oversized Hoodie

The Oversized Hoodie......

You know what's nice about trends? You can make them your own! 

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I'm sure you've all seen the latest trend of wearing brands such as Champion or even Kylie and getting a sweatshirt a few sizes too big. I must say it's quite funny how the comfy/lazy look is in when years back it was a big no no. It actually works for those like myself who enjoy a nice hoodie or crewneck sweater and appreciate the art of dressing it up. Being that these things have been trends, I wouldn't be a stylist without trying it myself and sharing it with you guys. Generally with this hoodie I keep it simple and style it with leggings and sneakers when I'm on the go, going to class. It's actually my correct size but the length/loose cut makes it appear more oversized. In this post I stuck true to my usual styling of sneakers and opted for a blazer vest to complete the sports luxe look. I can't forget the sheer fishnet which definitely helps you get away with wearing a shirt as a dress. Overall this is how I style the latest trend, I stay true to myself and wear what's comfortable for me!