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Top 5, Top 5



Happy Monday or here on Konscious Vyb known as #MondayzVyb! I have been listening to some really good music lately so here is my current top five in rotation.







blkswn - Smino

Smino was introduced to me about a year or two ago by a friend who heard his song Grapefruit. I immediately was captivated by not only his lyrics and word play but his unique sound. If you know me then you know I'm a fan of artist who don't sound like everyone else and actually tell stories with their music. Blkswn is his debut album and let me tell it is good top to bottom, front to back, cover to cover. There isn't a song that I skip on this album and I love it! I recently saw him live at Broccoli Fest here in DC and his performance sounded just as good as the album. A few faves from the album: Wild Irish Roses, Anita, Glass Flows, and Silk Pilows.



Come Around - The Foreign Exchange

While this is in my top five I was actually introduced to this amazing song about two weeks ago. I have to be honest, I haven't gotten around to listening to the full album but Come Around is one of my favorite songs right now. If you like chill music, grown and sexy lol, this gives you that feeling. This is like summertime stroll, sipping coffee, cleaning the house vibes. I know that's a lot but that's the vibe get from this song and this duo in general. Definitely check them out.




siR - Her Too

I heard a clip of one of the songs on this project and downloaded right then on Apple Music. Honestly it sat in my library for months and I just got around to listening to it in it's entirety. I like the fact that it's r&b and if you listen to Ro James then you'll like this. Although I'm still getting familiar with this artist, I feel like more people should know and listen. The sound, lyrics, flow, everything is just perfection.  





DMN - Kendrick Lamar

This wouldn't be complete if I didn't list Kung fu Kenny. Ya'll know this man never disappoints and I don't think I've ever mentioned it but I've been a fan since Section .80. This is the type of album that get's better every time I listen to it. Now I don't think it's a classic like his first but I do think that it shows progression and he tried some new things with this one. This visuals this time around were crazy! He had dope features and he even did a r&b song (LOVE.) that I am obsessed with! Overall I think this is a great album and it takes us on a different journey with him.




More Life - Drake

I am a huge Drake fan, a fan since Degrassi days. I am the fan that get's the album as soon as it drops and tweets my experience as I'm listening. I was super pressed for this to drop just because I always want new music and some of his latest haven't wowed me all around. What has to be kept in mind about this project is the fact that it's a "playlist" so it wasn't meant to be as cohesive as people would have liked. Being that it's a playlist that is why his flow isn't consistent and the sound changes throughout. Overall I liked it, so much that it's in my top five but it's not my favorite. Like any other project I do have my go-to songs but top to bottom I can't listen straight through. 

Now that you've seen my top five, what's yours?

The Line Up

The Line Up

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The Oversized Hoodie