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The #1 Secret to Obtaining a Great Wardrobe

The #1 Secret to Obtaining a Great Wardrobe

Everyone wants to know what the secret to having a killer wardrobe is. It's something we've all searched the internet for trying to find answers day in and day out. I get questioned all the time by clients, friends, and even you guys what can help with having a great wardrobe. How can it be built to last? It's simple.......

Be yourself!!!

Yes that's the answer! Be yourself! As crazy as it may sound or if you thought this was going to be an in depth post with multiple ways to obtain this great wardrobe, it's really that easy. Essentially being yourself is the number one way to build a great wardrobe. Of course there are other things that follow but that is on the top of the list. When we are told to be ourselves it can sometimes catch us off guard, what does it mean?

To be yourself ultimately means to be the truest version of yourself, being the real and authentic you. This is going with what fits your thoughts, your personality, your own opinions, and translating that into your style or wardrobe. I am definitely not saying that it's easy because believe me, it's not. It takes some of us years to do this one thing and do it honestly. Later on I will provide other pieces to this formula of developing a killer wardrobe but you have to have this step down to do the rest. 

We are in a period right now where the internet and social media heavily influence our every move. I can say this for not only myself but all of us, we consume so much in one day that it's almost unbelievable. We wake up checking social platforms and go to sleep doing the same. If you follow a range of "fashionista's" you can clearly see who has inspired their style or who they model their look after. What we see directly impacts how we dress or how we view others and their style. As time goes on this type of thing is getting somewhat better but for the most part everyone is looking the same. Whether it's wanting that Kim K style or trying to look like Kanye, we all fall prey to not being ourselves and wanting to be like others. Naturally this is all apart of the growing process and coming to know who we really are. It's easy to look at the life and style of others and because of the likes that they receive in turn want to be like them so we can get the same attention. If your'e on Twitter then I know you've seen Kylie Jenner being criticized for stealing indie designers designs or even Good American taking from other designers. It's like no one is their own person, everyone has to be like the next. Being yourself get's you further than you think!

If I'm being honest I went through a tough time when it came to my style and wardrobe. I wasn't being myself or buying the things that I really liked because I wanted to fit in. It was tiring trying to keep up with what everyone else was wearing or even dressing a certain way to catch attention. Years ago I was the queen of cardigans and statements necklaces but because I was picked on for "dressing like I was going to church" I stopped it. Looking for approval from others cost so much headache and resulted in me not having a wardrobe that last. I was constantly looking to get new clothes because what I did buy wasn't staples and they could only be worn for a short period of time. 

I say all of this to say just be yourself! It takes you further in life, especially when it comes to your wardrobe and you won't regret the things you purchase. This is the number one secret to obtaining a lasting wardrobe and all the other secrets will be revealed later!!


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