This is me! What I mean by that is this type of look is totally me, it sums up my style in the simplest way possible. I can have the most feminine or girly look but so desperately want to pair it with sneakers. I don't know where this comes from but I've been that way for years, as you can probably see from my blog. On the flip side of that my collection of heels is pretty awesome and at times I feel like I need those good "in between" shoes. I'm either in heels or sneakers, my other options are limited but I'm working on it lol. 

I was able to shoot this look with a stylist turned photographer, Crystal Brooks, who did an amazing job capturing some of my recent outfits. I love a great full midi skirt and what makes this one so great is the versatility. I have worn this one purchased from H&M tons of ways and each time I fall more in love. On this particular day I was able to wear one of my new arrivals to Shop Konscious Vyb, the VYB crop top! Due to the cut of the crop top it was best I tuck it in and give the illusion of a full shirt. I was able to play on the soft colors in the skirt by adding this top and of course adding my Vans gave the sporty vibe I always look for. 

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